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Dermatrophine Pro is an Italian brand of the Sifarma group, with over 25 years of experience in the dermatological and beauty department. Net-Uno has taken care of the entire process of the new communication campaign for Dermatrophine Pro, from the creation of the new website; To the design and the creative solutions,  development and SEO.

The two main sections are aimed at the two targets: consumers and professionals in the beauty sector, to which the products and treatments presented are respectively intended. The web design has accomplished two specific tasks: being coherent with the scientific area that characterizes the Dermatrophine products and at the same time not giving up the approach and the proposal to the beauty world.

The site is completed by the blog, in which the brand responds with advice and curiosity to the doubts and questions of every woman and customer. In this blog it also features the brand ambassadors, strengthening a relationship of trust that is already very strong.