A soulless brand will hardly be able to inspire our lives.

Our approach is nourished by curiosity, passion, and dialogue with the client, because the goal is only one, while the tools to “capture” the target are many.

We generate a strong identity and a close link with the product, using in a targeted way all the available opportunities, optimizing marketing investments and developing a multi-channel strategy that runs between traditional and unconventional media, social networks and digital tools.

Digital Marketing

When you have the best product but you are the only one that knows it, SEO and SEM will help you!

The first step of our Digital Marketing plan is a detailed analysis of all the elements that contribute shaping the digital identity of the Brand.

The Digital Marketing plan unfolds in 4 main phases:

  • Analysis, an in-depth sentiment analysis will always essential;
  • Planning, building the foundations of a winning digital identity;
  • SEO & SEM actions for a coordinated action plan and to climb the ranks on Google;
  • Monitoring and Fine Tuning for control and improvement of activities.

Online Contest

Easy to enter, winning is a game!

The online contests are a valid tool to reach targeted targets, through extensive brand and product experience. For each marketing objective, we are able to formulate the correct type of competition.

Instant Win, Advergamee Rush & Win are our daily bread.

Social Media Marketing

Tweeting, Buzzing, Blogging, Sharing, our mission: To be Viral.

For all the Social Media Marketing activity we rely upon our partner Celebration Agency, specialized in this business.

Press Office

Communicate with the market and seize the best opportunities.

Send targeted messages to different media channels and reach the final user: all this is in our DNA.

We can help you with Consulting, Public & Media Relations, Digital PR, Events and Crisis Management activities.

Web Reputation

What does the web say of you?

Internet hosts daily comments, shares, testimonies, and emotions of millions of people who identify the web as the only place that allows them to express their opinions.

Knowing your own Reputation is a key element in any communication strategy, the starting point for effective tactical activities, and this also applies to private and executive reputation.

NET-UNO is able to provide these researches and elaborate the subsequent indepth analysis, to obtain a clear view of a product’s, service or personal reputation.