Digital Magazine

The classic catalog today is transformed from a simple passive read to a real interactive sensorial experience, in order to make contents more effective, making the most of all the digital potentials.

Furthermore, with the built-in analysis tools, you can see exactly which users react, where and how!

A truly qualifying experience, a new and fun mode of engagement, for an effective Brand Experience.

Digital Tools

Totally immersive systems: Virtual Reality – Virtual Tour – Augmented Reality, 3D and more.

The Digital world hosts every day new technologies that can give shape and life to ideas, through creative solutions and immersive experiences we explore each and every one of these solutions, to give you the one suited for you.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the measurement of positive and negative reactions on the Web.

It is a way to evaluate written or spoken language and reactions to determine if the feeling of a brand in a customer’s eyes is favorable, unfavorable, or neutral, and to what degree.

Net-Uno starts any project with a Sentiment analysis for it’s clients, and start elaborating a strategy from this fundamental starting point.


Music is an extraordinary communication tool able to produce emotions and touch the soul’s strings, thanks to the incisiveness of sound and melodies.

The sonic identity of a Brand is a substantial element for its recognizability.

NET-UNO interprets the needs of its customers by offering them advice and support in the music field, for the production of Jingle, Sound-Logo, Brand Song and Cover, themes customized and designed according to the objectives of the Brand.


Today video is a basic need in the world of communication!

We create and produce original content, respecting the values of the Brand, with style and language appropriate to the media.

Thanks to the push of Social Media we create Video Content targeted to the target, designed to establish with the user an active relationship, able to create the conditions for a viral sharing.